the best route so far

This would be my suggestion for covering Velebit from Vratnik to Baške Oštarije. Below is description and here is gps data.

When starting in Vratnik take the route which overlooks islands, the route to west described in 2009. route. This whole part is called Senjsko bilo and it’s very interesting for riding the bike. Reaching Oltari there are not many options so take the main road for National Park entrance. This is 17km of boring uphill but Zavižan is rewarding.

Until now you will cover something like 45 km which is enough for the first day as second is with longer distance but easier ride. So staying overnight in Zavižan is something special but be sure to contact Mr. Ante Vukušić to arrange bed and meals. Try his famous rakija and enjoy sunset!

Have a good breakfast and continue the only route to south (there is another one, Premužić path, but it’s forbidden for bikes). First part is road but soon you’ll reach gravel with nice ride towards Careva kuća. Here take the gravel road towards Lubenovac. It’s a nice ride with beautiful landscape. At the very end of this track you will reach the road to Alan hut where you have an option for refreshment or continue left facing east towards Mrkvište. Some 2 km before Mrkvište take a gravel road to south and 10 km later take the hiking trail downhill to Štirovača. Here is a little detour if you want to go to Štirovača which is highly recommended, you’ll ride 5.5 km. Follow the road to Štirovača and when refreshed there go back again on this road to south. When you reach Kugina kuća soon after you’ll have a crossroads where you continue straight to south. Follow this path until end and you’ll come to Sušanj Cesarički, just a bit west of Baške Oštarije.

I don’t want to describe in detail this route as I want to leave future riders excitement of this trip! Complete track is really safe so no need to worry.

Enjoy the ride,