route 2011.

Starting point and the track we drove is taken from with thanks to Miroslav for help!

While driving not far from start we encountered a team from Tourist Office Gospić which was installing signs for bike routes. This one was number 7 and is easily followed but in spite of that we got lost by my mistake and made a huge circle wishing to find a well called Velika vodica. Of course we haven’t found it but we managed to distress ourselves! Although the primal plan was to stay overnight in mountain hut Ravni Dabar, we haven’t manage to reach it so we stayed at mountain hut Vila Velebita in Baške Oštarije.


End of day 1, 45 km.

Next day we followed the road downhill to starting point in Smiljan and from there continued by car. We have visited Kruščica lake, river Lika, Samograd cave, Kosinj bridge, Jela car (The Czar Fir) and Gacka well. These points are greatly recommended sights (only Jela car is a bit far away with 6 km of gravel road). More info on these sights can be obtained in Photo Albums and here:

Licko-Senjska county

TZ Perušić

Samograd caves