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Velebit Nature Park is the largest protected natural area in Croatia. It comprises the Mount Velebit whose exceptional relief and vegetational features make it one of the most significant mountains in Croatia and the wider Mediterranean area. The rich cultural heritage of the park testifies to the human presence and activity in this area (Emperor Joseph Road, Maria Theresa Road, Emperor Karl Road, Baške Oštarije well, Pisani kame, shepherd’s hut, funeral monuments mirila, etc.).

Alpine hut Oltari:  Croatian language only

Alpine hut Zavižan:  Croatian language only

Premužić path: The uppermost parts of north and central Velebit from Zavižan to Baške Oštarije are connected by a 57 km long mountain trail. Named after the man who traced it, Premužić path is regarded a true masterpiece of road building that is perfectly blended in the natural environment. Forbidden for bikes.

National Park Northern Velebit

Alpine hut Careva kuća:  Croatian language only

Alpine hut Mrkvište:  Croatian language only

Štirovača: A proclaimed protected forest reserve since 1965., a section of this coniferous complex is sometimes called the “Štirovača Jungle”. Exceptional quality of spring water, invigorating freshness of mountain air, abundance of animal and plant life and good road connections is what makes this valley a unique tourist destination.

Alpine hut Kugina kuća:  Croatian language only

Dabarski kukovi: The area stretches along the central part of the Velebit range. This group of spectacular, bare, limestone rocks is one of the symbols of Velebit. The Dabarski kukovi alpine zone comprises the Agin, Čelina and Rujičin kuk peaks- a true challenge to alpine lovers.

Karlobag is picturesque town situated at the foot of Velebit, holding a treasure of sacred buildings, the most famous of which are a Capuchin monastery, with an abundant collection of valuable paintings and books, and also St. Joseph’s Church built in 1713. On the hill above the town there are remains of medeival fortress “Fortica”.

Outside route

National Park Paklenica is one of the most beautiful National Parks in Croatia. A must see place!

Town Senj

Terezijana educational trail: a walk along this 3 km long educational trail allows you to experience the two faces of Velebit (the mountainous and the littoral one) within a short time while also widening your knowledge of Velebit with information displayed on interpretation boards installed along the trail.

Zavratnica: Situated in the vicinity of Jablanac is one of the most beautiful coves of the Croatian Adriatic, designated a “protected area” in 1964. owing to its unique natural features.

Memorial Centar Nikola Tesla in Smiljan:  Croatian language only

Krasno:  Croatian language only

Croatian Mountaineering Association

Cerovac caves belong to one of the largest cave complexes in Croatia that are accessible to visitors. Unique natural beauty and countless finds from the ancient past have earned these caves the title of a geo-morphological nature monument.

Cave Park Grabovača in near vicinity of Velebit is a must!

Kruščica lake is a beautiful lake where you can have a refreshment.