route 2012.

Start was at familiar place which we covered last year while visiting Jela Czar, in village called Bakovac Kosinjski. From here we went uphill on gravel road towards main road which connects Zavižan and Baške Oštarije, near Careva kuća hut. But first we stopped at a place Pisani kamen (describing first international arbitration in this region, juridical document dating from antique period (1. to 4. century), which regulated the use of water between two Japod tribes, Parentina i Ortopina. Soon we reached the road which we followed until Careva kuća where we continued on gravel towards Lubenovac where we made a lunch brake. Further on this road we reached a junction which leads to Alan hut and Mrkvište hut which was our direction. But just 2 km before Mrkvište we followed the gravel going south. This was completely new track with unknown end. We knew there is an end of the road but we wanted to connect to road going back to Štirovača and that meant going on a hiking trail. We managed to find it, followed it downhill which was pretty much fun, but at the and of the trail we took the wrong turn and finished at the dead end! Looking at our maps there supposed to be one more road near us but in reality there was only jungle. So we headed back, made a right turn and few km later ended in Štirovača for a fresh water and a short brake. From here a boring uphill on road to Mrkvište hut and interesting 15km downhill on hard gravel towards the finish line.


This years route was one of the most interesting ones for riding a bike as we covered 90% of our track on gravel and avoided local roads.

Total distance 72 km.